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Homeowners are constantly seeking for methods to maximise the usage of their backyards. Patios play a key role in this by effortlessly bridging internal and exterior spaces and providing homeowners with a wealth of design options for their outside living spaces.

We provide concrete patios with a wide variety of distinctive ornamental treatments at Whangarei Concrete Contractors. The limitless design options allow our patios to fulfil a variety of functions.

For your outside barbeque area, they could serve as a flooring alternative, for example. Additionally, concrete patios can help you designate outdoor spaces in your backyard, such as lounging areas, fireplaces, and even swimming pools.


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Why Choose Our Whangarei Concrete Patio Services?

Unique Designs

With years of experience, Whangarei Concrete Contractors can offer a wide selection of customization possibilities for your concrete patio designs. You can choose the hues and tones that go best with your outside design and complement the landscaping in your backyard.

Additionally, you have the choice of selecting from a variety of engraving styles, decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, and patterns. More radically than you could imagine, these finishing touches bring about changes. Our Whangarei Concrete Contractors can make your concrete patio appear to be made of bricks, tiles, or slates using sophisticated engraving equipment.

This gives you the appearance of your prefered material and the durability of concrete, giving you the best of both worlds. We can also connect your patio to a concrete driveway.

Exceptional Durability

After installing a new patio, you want to focus more on enjoying the transformation of your backyard than on worrying about patio upkeep. Concrete patios are perfect for this because they are robust to even the most dreadful weather conditions.

Furthermore, since the concrete slab is installed as a single piece with no gaps, unlike those between paving stones, vegetation won't grow haphazardly and detract from the aesthetic of your patio. Concrete patios are minimal maintenance because of this, so you won't need to worry about spending a lot of time gardening to keep your patio looking good.

Finally, unlike with wooden patios, you won't experience any discoloration problems. Additionally, concrete keeps its shape over time and doesn't need to be replaced because it won't distort.

Reasonable Prices

Patios constructed of concrete don't require as much labour to instal as those built of brick. As a result, you may take advantage of concrete's limitless ornamental and creative potential without having to break the bank.

Concrete patios are the apparent economical choice for the majority of home owners because to its low initial cost and low ongoing maintenance requirements. Although the cost is lower, the quality of the styling is not compromised.

Creating Flexibility

In order to maximise the most of your backyard space, Whangarei Concrete Contractors customises our patio designs to fit your specific area. Concrete patios can be utilised to designate outside seating spaces, cosy spots near a fire pit, or an area for an outdoor barbeque.

Additionally, we provide covered verandas that may be added to your recently completed concrete patio to stimulate family gatherings and prevent sunburns.

To give your roofed patio a new style, you can also add wood, glass, and aluminium pieces. This demonstrates how a concrete patio can be combined with a wide range of materials and provide excellent results.

Ready For Your New Patio?

We are your go-to source for concrete services if you need a new patio design, whether it's made of plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, or your own custom design. Contact us right away for all of your concrete driveway and patio needs!

concrete patios whangarei
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Why Choose Our Whangarei Concrete Patio Contractors?

We are dedicated to providing the best high-quality concrete patio services. We deliver cement directly to your home and offer repair, maintenance, and cleaning services for all types of concrete patio applications. After years of experience in the industry, we know and understand what our Whangarei customers need and want.

The word “contractor” can have a negative connotation. Most people in the construction industry either don’t answer their phones or try to corner you into making a big financial decision. Our team saw what other contractors were doing and knew we could do it better: we answer our phones, show up on time, and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We're dedicated to providing our customers with quality work, and we've been in the Whangarei concrete business for more than 20 years.


Whangarei Concrete Contractors offers a service to homeowners and businesses alike, who require concrete driveways installed. Our patio installation services are guaranteed to be of the highest standard, and are delivered as we say we will by a friendly, competent, and reliable team.

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